Afrigeneas write away book

Tipton, Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp. Unionism was more prevalent and feared in the region, because the Confederates feared Unionist and Federal control of the region. This had more to do with significance of the East Tennessee and Virginia Railroad than anything. The memory of the war in the region is peculiar as well.

Afrigeneas write away book

The photo was a striking image is that of a young African American woman in a high collared victorian era dress wearing an ornate hat. There was only one clue to where she may have lived and that was the embossed imprint of the studio that took her photo.

Earp, appears to have been from Winchester KY Since there was no name identifying the lady in the portrait, only the photo itself is the clue to the identity of this striking woman.

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So, what can be learned? I clicked on the name, and sure enough this person was listed and with the occupation of photographer. Earp Census reflects A.

Earp living in Winchester KY and working as photographer. I was excited to find the photographer in the census, but this did not tell me a lot, and there were other questions to be asked: Was this made in A. Earp travel around as some photographers did during those years?

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And what about this mysterious lady herself? Are there clues about her to be found? The clues to this woman's identity are possibly found in the image itself. One can tell that she is a young woman possibly not much older than The lady in the photo had recently lost a loved one.

Because she is wearing mourning clothes. Her dress is all black as is her hat, and clearly this is a portrait made of a one who has lost someone close to her.

Could it have been a husband? If it was a parent, would not other siblings have been in the portrait with her? She she had lost a child, would her husband have not been with her?

afrigeneas write away book

My guess is that she had recently lost a husband, thus no man in the photo. So she was a young lady in mourning.

Write Away by Elizabeth George

So, what else could be learned? I concluded that she was a Christian woman evidenced by the cross on her collar.

I also concluded that she may have been a woman who was a literate person. She was wearing spectacles, and although she may have simply been near sighted, my guess is that this was a literate woman who needed eyeglasses for reading, writing and other tasks.

The glasses appear to be the kind that simply clip and rest on the nose, for the part of eyeglasses known as the temple that touch the side of the face and wrap behind the ears, are not evident in the photo. This is clip-on is a style of eyeglasses worn in the early s.

The glasses bear no temple stems on the side. This young woman was possibly a woman of status in her community, She was not wearing an ordinary dress.Write Away! [Demi Stevens, J.E.

Andrews] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. All Melvin wants to do is finish writing his book but things just keep getting in the way!5/5(5). This book connected me to the stories that were handed down in my own family from slavery of my ancester who, after the slaves were freed, walked from plantation to plantation to gather her children who had been heartbreakingly sold away from kaja-net.coms: Write Away: A Handbook for Young Writers and Learners [GREAT SOURCE] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Book by GREAT SOURCE5/5(4). Black Publishers & Writers Association shared Brooklyn Wright's post. October 13, · Love that the officer took the time to help this young man ask her to Homecoming.

A high school English teacher who became a bestselling novelist has written a book on writing fiction. This is cause to celebrate. Write Away is a textbook on how to write fiction, written by someone who actually knows how to write fiction.

afrigeneas write away book

The result is a down to earth, honest and immensely. Jan 04,  · The embossed imprint of the photographer was a bit difficult to read easily, so I went to Ancestry to look at the enumerations for Clark County KY, and used the wild card search method by typing in a surname using an asterisk (*) for part of the name, and right away .

Write Away: One Novelist's Approach to Fiction and the Writing Life by Elizabeth George