An evaluation of ten studentsi research interests essay

The length of the required responses varies with reference to marks and time For e. Bed papers where there are 10marks, 5marks and 3 marks questions so the length of the answers varies accordingly.

An evaluation of ten studentsi research interests essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. At the same time, he might want to explain the reasons for his interest in the research topic — the competency of critical care nurses — regardless of the literature that he has reviewed.

Moreover, it would be useful to detail the importance of literature review in the steps of the research process beyond the initial formulation of research questions.

Using Media Literacy to Explore Stereotypes of Mexican Immigrants

Student 2 While it is true that a literature review can show the researcher the path to take as far as methodology is concerned, it is equally important to address the factor of originality in research. After all, if all studies were quite similar as far as research questions and methodologies are concerned, there would be no need to spend resources on new studies.

An evaluation of ten studentsi research interests essay

Perhaps the student will find that his research questions have already been answered by other researchers. In that case, he might want to consider replicating a study so as to augment the scientific value of its findings.

Student 4 While considering smoking cessation as a research topic, the student may also want to peruse literature that concerns the cessation of other undesirable behaviors. As an example, there are smokers who quit the use of marijuana but do not stop their consumption of cigarettes.

What is the difference between the methods of cessation of various undesirable behaviors? Student 5 It will be easy to understand by way of testing that the health care professionals have acquired the knowledge imparted to them about oral cancer.

Even so, it may take a longitudinal study to evaluate whether the professionals would actually use the new knowledge. Student 6 The student may want to develop and implement a nutrition program for adolescents in a school setting.

After a number of months to a year, he may want to interview the participants to gather data about the effects of the program on their daily diet within and outside the school setting. Student 7 The student is confident that his research hypothesis would be rendered true.

Perhaps he should consider a different hypothesis, too. An unsolved research question is most likely to make the research process more interesting for him.

It is also possible that the survey questionnaires used by other researchers would provide completely different responses for the present study. Furthermore, the researcher must be clear about the methods of evaluating the program.

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Would the evaluation consist of interviews? And, what if the answers provided by the young participants are biased or untruthful — simply provided for the sake of fun?

The student may administer a test to determine whether the nurses have acquired the new knowledge. But, how would he determine whether the nurses would be using the new skills as they should over a prolonged period of time?

Colorado State University Writing Guides. Retrieved 6 Octoberfrom http:Assignment 3: Concept Synthesis Paper on Personal Nursing Philosophy Overview You are required to submit a scholarly paper in which you will identify, describe, research, and apply the concepts that underlie your personal philosophy for professional nursing practice.

Evaluation is concerned with the ability to juge the value of material (statement, novel, poem, research report) for a given purpose. The judgements are to be based on definite criteria.

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These may be internal criteria (organisation) or external criteria (relevance and purpose) and the student may determine the criteria or be given them. This free Education essay on Research methods is perfect for Education students to use as an example.

Essay Sample 3: Study and Research STATEMENT OF PROPOSED STUDY OR RESEARCH whose use of the modern fairy tale as a means of literary satire interests me. I research skills and would have the opportunity to collaborate with international scholars and students. Using Media Literacy to Explore Stereotypes of Mexican Immigrants.

An evaluation of ten studentsi research interests essay

Lucila Vargas and Bruce dePyssler Exposure to the mass media is now a central means by which young people learn and internalize the values, beliefs, and norms of our political system, a socialization that lays the foundation for much of later political life.


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by Thomas Day. DESCRIPTION: Assisted living is more of a marketing term referring to a generalized care model then it is a specific form of care delivery. It is an attempt by the industry that offers these services to bring a disparate number of service providers under one umbrella.

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