Article on saving each drop of

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Article on saving each drop of

A Family Affair Use our guide to save on taxes, avoid probate and keep peace among your heirs. Mike and Karen Lucero realized they needed to update their estate plan when they started planning for retirement. Not only does creating an estate plan force you to confront your own mortality, but it also forces you to decide who gets your assets, whether all heirs should be treated equally and who will play the key roles in settling your estate.

To help get past the uncomfortable thought of your own death, remember that if you die without a will, state law will govern the distributions of your assets—and it may not go the way you want.


If you have those documents but your assets have grown and your life has become more complex, it may be time to review and update your plan. By that time, your assets may have become much more complicated, your heirs have grown older you may have grandchildren now, tooand your wishes may have changed.

Rather than focusing primarily on protecting your family if you die early, you may now be in a position to use your estate to help the next generation and build a legacy.

Advertisement Also, you may no longer need some of the estate-planning strategies you used in the past. The number of people who have to worry about federal estate taxes has plummeted.

Several states have changed their estate tax laws, too. Delaware eliminated its estate tax at the end of For example, people who bought life insurance to help cover estate tax bills are reassessing whether they need the coverage. Instead of creating estate plans primarily to avoid taxes, more people can now focus on what they want to accomplish with their money.

Advertisement Those were the key issues that Mike and Karen Lucero, both age 54, focused on when they updated their estate plans this year. The Seattle couple did their first round of estate planning 18 years ago, writing a will and designating a guardian soon after their two oldest children were born.

Their estate had become larger and more complicated, and they could afford to give more to charity, too. They updated their will, health care proxy and advance directive for end-of-life care, but they also wanted to do more than just pass a lump sum to their children, who are now ages 16, 19 and The Luceros will reassess those plans as their kids get older and have more financial experience.

Rather than just divvying up money when you die, a trust can help you control what happens to it for years afterward. With a trust, you can specify when your heirs will get the money and how it can be used.

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Money in a trust can also avoid probate, the process of passing assets through a will. That can be expensive, time-consuming and public—and the Luceros are experiencing that firsthand.

Article on saving each drop of

A trust can be particularly helpful for blended families. You can set up a trust to pay out income to your current spouse as long as he or she is alive, then pass the remaining assets to your children from your first marriage.

Advertisement Julie Tappero created a new estate plan after she remarried.

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She became aware of the importance of estate planning when her first husband died unexpectedly from an illness in Because she had worked on an estate plan with him a few years earlier, she already knew his wishes for health care and financial decisions.

Tappero remarried in August and created a new estate plan because she has two daughters, ages 30 and 38, and her husband has children and grandchildren. Now she needs to decide who will manage the trust. You can choose a family member, trusted friend, or financial institution to manage your trust—or a combination.

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