Flipkart case study 2 essay

Hire Writer The next change that Bravo made was to update the product line. Bravo and her team drastically cut the number of products fromto 24, eliminating outdated designs and creating a consistent look across all of their products. They began to classify their products into two separate categories:

Flipkart case study 2 essay

Hire Writer The company has surprisingly continues to maintain some sort of loose human resource strategy. Managers have paid little attention towards restructuring the human resource and monitoring of performance especially when it comes to fixed employees.

Clothes R us has operated with a decentralized, freewheeling culture in which each store manager has treated his or her own employees as some kind of personal kingdom in which the manager has the right to control their recruitment and performance as they see fit.

Majority of the full time sales people have college degrees in addition to vast experience in their area of specialization. However, there is continued discontent with the reliance on casual employees.

The origin of the problem stemmed from the early days when the company required cheap labor.

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Unfortunately, the continued reliance on casual employees has caused demoralization among the permanent employees. A company that was seeing much growth in the past is not facing a crisis in human resource.

Flipkart case study 2 essay

Defining the problem Even with various strategies coming to play to ensure that the company does not run out of required manpower, these will only be effective if the permanent employees are motivated to perform at a much higher level.

Clothes R US is only starting to realize the importance of a motivated work force. The challenge comes in ensuring and maintain the motivation of employees.

Continued reliance on casual employees has restrained the flexibility of the permanent employees. Employees lack the opportunity to be independent. Casual employees take up roles that would require creative management and skills; as such the company is now suffering from the existence of a dull work force.

Managers have been slow in understanding, how flexibility motivates the employees. Flexibility is not just in items of duties but also in terms of the work hours and even the work place. A common quote is that change is as good as a rest. Professional human resource consultants often advice companies to ensure that employees have a variety of talents, shifts and even work desks.

The change often serves to make the job seem new and therefore motivate the employee. Poor motivation also means high turnover of the employees. It is important for employees to feel they not only have the skills but also the know how to deal with various challenges at the work place.

Since, Clothes R US focuses more on employing temporarily employees to manage simple tasks; employees are fast losing confidence in their ability to perform. With the planned expansion, the company is now facing a crisis.

Employees are unwilling to leave their comfort zones, unwilling to volunteer for the new project and even opting for increased turn over.

Flipkart case study 2 essay

Because majority of the employees in the company exhibit low self esteem, they are unable to make use of their skills and talents. Further, they are completely unable to form positive work relationships. This means that they are less than loyal to the company and thus more likely to seek other employment even when they are earning less.

It is not surprising therefore to find that employees of cloths R US are always finding excuses as to why they are not performing, why the company is not growing rather than enhancing their own skills to ensure better performance. The company is currently having a permanent work force suffering from low self esteem.

Flipkart.com Case Solution

It is therefore not surprising to find that the permanent employees only do as much as is expected of them to meet their own duties. The permanent employees do not push themselves or even apply themselves wholeheartedly and diligently to their jobs. The company low expectations have served to kill employee morale to do better and better at each task.

Instead, employees report to work, do the minimum and leave the rest to the casual employees. Clothes R US began taking advantage of this group of worker during the early years of expansion.

Contingency workers do not expect benefits and are often paid much less than permanent workers. They are given challenging tasks which would otherwise cost the company in terms of training permanent employees to ensure they have the skills to complete the job.

Unfortunately, the increase of contingency workers in the company has had a negative impact. Contingency workers tend to bring restlessness in permanent employees who are convinced that life could get better and more interesting outside the company.

Further, contingency workers do not posses the security and stability of permanent employees; they therefore lack commitment to the job which tends to rub off on permanent employees. They prefer the freedom of their temporary status and often seem to be highly compensated for simple tasks.

This situation is likely to de-motivate the permanent employees in addition to causing conflict and strain with the other employees. With time, the permanent employees begin to lose interest in particular tasks foe which they feel they should also be compensated and rewarded. Legal implications Change in organization structure: Managers will need to sit down and re-define jobs and responsibilities to accommodate the new store.kaja-net.com Case Solution,kaja-net.com Case Analysis, kaja-net.com Case Study Solution, kaja-net.com is among India's best known online retailers.

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Order now The next change that Bravo made was to update the product line. Bravo and her team drastically cut the number of products from , to 24,, eliminating outdated designs and creating a consistent look across all of their.

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