Nest in the wind

Big green egg could be pointing to large nest egg coming soon.

Nest in the wind

Both animals and people can easily look right at a hummingbird nest and think it is just a small knot on a tree limb. You may have to search high and low, but the easiest way to find a hummingbird nest is to follow a female hummingbird.

Nest in the wind

Building a hummingbird nest is complicated business. Every year after migrating to breeding grounds for those hummingbirds that migratea hummingbird's first order of business is to eat. After refilling their energy supplies and meeting up with a fella, the female hummingbirds will immediately start to build a nest.

When building a hummingbird nest, the female hummingbird must choose the perfect location. Female hummingbirds do not like to use regular bird house as they are too confining.

She is looking for a place that is well off the ground to prevent predators like antssnakes, and predatory birds. Plus, the nest must be sheltered from wind to prevent baby hummingbirds being thrown from the nest in a wind storm.

She will need a good sold base like in a Nest in the wind or crossed branches of a tree or bush. You may see her test the strength of a prospective nest site by repeatedly landing on it and clinging to it.

A place with leaves over top to shelter from rain and sun is ideal because if the nest gets above 96 degrees Fahrenheit the little hummingbird eggs will be too hot to hatch. Since temperature is such an issue in raising baby hummingbirdsmany female hummingbirds may prefer higher altitudes and locations close to bodies of water where the weather is cooler.

There is a way to help your local hummingbirds find that perfect nesting place with a Hummingbird House. If you place one of these Hummingbird Houses in a safe location that is sheltered from the wind your Momma Hummingbirds may decide to set up shop right before your very eyes.

We recommend the Hummingbird House over trying to make one on your own. A homemade one may work just fine; however, the Hummingbird House has taken into account the shapes, angles of the branches, and the dimensions that have proven to make nest building were extremely desirable for hummingbirds.

Female hummingbirds will need nesting material to make her nest. She likes to use nice soft material like moss and lichen. She also likes to use cotton fluffs, bits of willowssoft plant pieces, dryer lint, and leaf hairs.

She will bring these items back to her nest a little at a time, gluing it all together with spider webs.

The spider webs make terrific glue for the nest, allowing the nest to stretch and be flexible as the baby hummingbirds grow. The spider webs also make it easier for the mother hummingbird to repair the nest when damaged or when kids do what kids do.

While building the nest, the female hummingbird will try to camouflage it as much as possible by using small sticks, seeds, and plant pieces to shade the outside of the nest. She will make sure the lighter parts of the nest are in the sun, while the darker parts of the nest are in the shade, blending it in with the surroundings.

Don't be surprised if you notice one female hummingbird stealing nesting material from another female hummingbird. This is common practice among hummingbirds. Don't worry, the original hummingbird will most likely go and steal supplies from the other as well.

When a mother hummingbird is gathering the materials for her nest, she will carry the items in her beak. When she arrives at the nest, Momma Hummingbird will painstaking tuck the material into the fork of the branches to make the base of her nest.

When she carries the spider webs to the nest, you will notice them all around her beak, under her chin, and across her breast. She will use her chin and body to press the spider webs and material into her nest so that every piece will go exactly where she wants it.

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Nest in the wind

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Big green egg could be pointing to large nest egg coming soon. | Z3 News