Problems and prospects of service sector

Therefore, the main objective of this paper was to determine risk management practices in manufacturing SMEs in Cape Town. The research conducted was quantitative in nature and constituted the collection of data from 74 SME leaders, all of whom had to adhere to a list of strict delineation criteria.

Problems and prospects of service sector


Problems and Prospects of Tourism Industry in India! Although India has progressed a lot since s with respect to tourism, she is still way behind the developed or even the developing countries. This small percentage comes under sharp focus when we see that inIndia received only 2.

Problems and prospects of service sector

Compared with this, the foreign tourist arrivals were 6. Even the diminutives like Maldives and Bhutan present an appreciable model of sustainable tourism by integrating environment and tourism. In the yearwhile tourism in Malaysia ranked third in terms of real growth and China ranked 11th grew by 17 and In India, tourism provides 5.

Tom apart by civil war Sri Lanka still has 7. Travel is a happening business in Thailand, generating Still there are large areas which are untapped from the tourist point of view. Traditionally a popular destination, North India still draws about 49 per cent of the tourists; whereas only 4 per cent go to east.

West is doing better getting 29 per cent of the tourist inflow. South, despite its beaches, temples, hills, etc. Thus there is great potential for development of tourism, particularly in east and south, which require proper tapping with immediate effect.

Foreign tourists often fail to get suitable accommodation in hotels and go back as a dissatisfied lot.

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Today, the requirement is much larger, considering rapid increase in the inflow of foreign tourists after Today we need at least 90, more rooms in five star segments which require a huge investment of Rs. The Commonwealth Games scheduled to be held in in Delhi are likely to put tremendous pressure on the tourist infrastructure including hotel accommodation.

Another problem of recent origin is that Indian tourists have started travelling abroad rather than travelling within the country. Inas many as 6.

Problems and Prospects of Tourism Industry in India

Of late, Indian tourists are looking beyond Shimla, Srinagar, Ooty, Mumbai, Delhi and Goa, and are grabbing foreign holiday deals like never before. The main cause of outflow of Indian tourists is high aviation cost in the domestic sector.

Future Prospects of Indian Economy Plastics Industry of India:
Tourism in Bangladesh: Present Status and Future Prospects - Research leap The papers will appear in alphabetical order, with two papers posted each week until all 14 are online. Rachel Krefetz Fyall Since the Friedrich-Finer debate of the s, accountability has been prominent issue within public administration scholarship and practice.
Suspended | Hosted by WhoGoHost Beside this formal sector exists an informal financial sector with people lending and borrowing directly from each other through methods like esusu, daily contributions and through cooperatives[1].

When a tourist in North India can get cheaper return tickets to Sri Lanka or Thailand than to Goa or Kerala, he will obviously go abroad. Our foreign exchange earnings from tourism is getting neutralised because of large number of Indians going abroad. It is estimated that byas many as 8 million Indian tourists will be going abroad.

The origin and growth of tourism in India as elsewhere in the world, is distinctly urban oriented rather than being spread over the countryside. This is due to the fact that urban centres provide the necessary infrastructure and wider choice of facilities and price ranges for accommodation, food, entertainment, etc.

There is lack of appreciation of the holistic approach to tourism development which takes into account the linkages between environment and pressure of tourists.problems of banking services among commercial institution in nigeria MOTIVATION OF WORKERS FOR HIGHER PRODUCTIVITY IN BANKING SECTOR SMALL SCALE INVESTMENT: A POT, PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS Problems and Prospects of Handloom Sector in Employment Generation in the Globally Competitive Environment Prospects of Handloom Sector in Employment Generation in the Globally Competitive Environment.

Problems and prospects of service sector

IAS Indian Administrative Service. Abbreviations ontd. Other industries which have shown very strong growth include the pharmaceutical industry, shipbuilding industry, information technology, leather industry, steel industry, and light engineering industry.

These essays discuss the service sector, an often neglected area of economic study. The contributors agree that services are replacing manufacturing as the employment base in more advanced economies.

Their essays provide valuable insight into the causes, problems and prospects of this Robert P. Inman. Democratic values demand that public accountability extends beyond the what of public service delivery to the how and why.

In other words, in a society with public values like equity, transparency, and fairness, public services cannot be divorced from the processes that created them. What are the policies adopted by the Government of India to promote the services sector?

what are the problems or challenges ahead in this sector? and what are the prospects /potential for growth in this sector?

Service Sector in India: Performance, Problems and Prospects