The importance of tourism market segmentation tourism essay

The role of market segmentation in strategic tourism marketing. As such, it represents the basis of, and justification for, any marketing action. Essentially, market orientation is about understanding and responding to consumer needs.

The importance of tourism market segmentation tourism essay

Hire Writer Tourism took on a greater tallness in the 20th century when the wars opened the window and aroused the wonder of the less good off people on international travel. The birth of air travel and the growing of the world-wide hotel ironss had brought about mass touristry hot musca volitanss like the Mediterranean, Caribbean and North America.

Diversification of alternate finishs, like India and Nepal, began in the 70s and single travelers emerged in immense Numberss during the period of the s Chandran, It has been reported that tourers sing many states worldwide had spent one million millions of dollars every twelvemonth, doing touristry one of the highest incoming bring forthing industry in many states Mowforth and Munt, ; Wall and Mathieson, This has resulted in states coming up with new and advanced thoughts to better and re-package the current touristry merchandises available for the assorted market sections, in hope to pull more visitants to increase economic growing Holloway, Many touristry ministries and finish selling companies have besides came to gain that tapping into the mass touristry market entirely is non plenty to prolong the economic system in the long tally.

A new coevals of tourers have emerged and in order for finishs to keep their film editing border, it is important that they are able to supply a bespoke alone travel experience for the assorted market sections Hughes, ; Stuber, ; Rushbrook ; Clift and Forrest These footings are used to depict people who engage in sexual activities or have sexual desire with another of similar biological sex Hughes, Gay touristry is defined as homosexual work forces and adult females going with nightlong stay for assorted grounds ; such as leisure, concern, sing friends and household, etc Hughes, In add-on, cheery touristry is besides viewed as an organized signifier of travel with features that are recognizable, shared and predictable alternatively of merely homosexual work forces and adult females going for a vacation Waitt and Markwell, It has besides been documented that cheery touristry day of the months back to the Victorian period where homosexual work forces travelled from northern Europe to the Mediterranean through expansive Tourss in seek of the clime, civilization and physical company of other work forces.

Such travelling activities are organised as the homosexual traveler wanted to step out of their ain states to see a life style of which their gender can be freely expressed Aldrich, Many cheery work forces had their vacations during the late seventiess to s in finishs that are perceived to be cheery tolerant or wholly cheery sole Clift, Luongo and Callister, Gay travel has remained classified as a detached signifier of going from mainstream travels treatments up until s Casey, During the mid s, both the United States and UK had broad authoritiess, helping in advancing societal equality.

GLBT rights presentations became a high profile and finally a extremely moneymaking touristry event.

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With GLBT being a specific niche market section, many states focal points on apprehension and turn toing their demands as compared to a wider, more diverse group, therefore, utilizing marketing dollars in a more effectual manner Baxter, ; Nisberg and Nierenberg, As discussed by Guaracinoalthough Atlantic City lacks the trademark of cheery finishs such as homosexual discotheque and drag-shows, the metropolis offers amusements, casinos and shopping chances, which are of involvement to both the heterosexual and homosexual consumers, offering itself as a gay-friendly finish through its selling runs.

But although the corporate complex number of homosexuals and tribades are outstanding in many of such finishs, these topographic points are frequently still fringy in footings of being sole from the mainstream society. Credence of GLBT market Although many states have unfastened their doors to welcome the GLBT market, there are still states that are loath acknowledge the presence of this niche market.

Indararusmi and Viereggecited from Ottossonreveals that harmonizing to a universe study conducted by the International Lesbian and Gay Association inhomosexualism is considered to be illegal in 85 states.

Hughes besides reveals that many societies still have strong biass against the GLBT community, with assorted signifiers of torments and favoritisms still happening.

GLBT persons may hold strong desires for topographic points free from favoritism and subjugation from the society, ensuing in them holding a travel civilization of high mobility Indararusmi and Vieregge, ; Waitt and Markwell, Pritchard et Al references that GLBT have demands to get away, in hunt of a sense of safety and belonging, seeking an flight from the force per unit areas imposed from the mostly heterosexual universe for being homosexual.


It has been seeable in the current advertizements and telecasting shows that targeted the GLBT community for the past 20 old ages, and the addition in wireless and telecasting plans geared towards this market section Baxter, The GLBT community, particularly the cheery work forces, have a higher disposable income to indulge in luxuries like going in comparing to their heterosexual counter-parts Community Marketing, ; Stuber, ; Binnie and Valentine, ; Clift and Wilkins, With no limitation on lone going during extremum season, more finishs are aiming GLBT tourers during the off-peak seasons.

Gay and sapphic twosomes are besides deemed to hold a more accustomed travel pattern, less cautious in their disbursement wonts while going and demo a greater sense of trade name trueness than consecutive twosomes Guaracino, ; Roth and Luongo, The niche market segment and the terminologies used in this dissertation will be explained.

The author will look into the economical potential of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transvestite tourism.

The importance of tourism market segmentation tourism essay

Travelling had been an important feature since the time civilisation began. It . Setting goals and objectives is a big part in making your marketing dollars accountable, and also being able to report on your return on investment – which is so important considering tourism businesses have a limited budget to spend on marketing activities.

Due to terrorism, governments are putting greater emphasis on the tourism and hospitality industry as they fear a loss of revenue in the tourism sector due to terrorism. Tourism industry also plays an important role in increasing the foreign exchange reserves of a country.

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Gay, sapphic, bisexual and transgender ( GLBT ) touristry

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The importance of tourism market segmentation tourism essay

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The Importance Of Tourism Market Segmentation Tourism Essay - Research Paper Example :

An Analysis of the. Juho Pesonen Developing Market Segmentation in Tourism: Insights from a Finnish Rural Tourism Study. Developing Market Segmentation in Tourism: Insights from a Finnish Rural Tourism Study, 61 p.

"Failure to understand the importance of market segmentation is the principal reason for. Introduction of new products to existing market is called Market product strategy which is most used concept in Sri Lanka tourism industry in the context of marketing strategy. SLTPB always tries to introduce superior services and products to the entire tourist based on their region.

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