The keepers of the house essay

Full study guide for this title currently under development. To be notified when we launch a full study guide, please contact us. Set in rural Alabama, the book follows the Howland family, detailing the lives of several generations, all of who have lived in the same house.

The keepers of the house essay

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. During this time, the attitudes and views of both the people The keepers of the house essay the town and of the protagonist are cleverly expressed. Through the use of various literary techniques and devices this extract appears to be eloquent to the reader.

Her chief aim being to take full control of her life, being both dominant and having authority. Hence, the title plays a coherent role in allowing the reader to become aware of the events which are to follow.

This style of writing stands out from the rest of the extract, hence adding implication and apprehension to the prose becoming an important feature of the extract.

Not only is there references made to the setting but there is references to when these events may have taken place. The reader becomes aware that racism was a common aspect of the society. The setting of the prose takes place in a living room in a house. However, later in the prose the reader becomes aware of the rural setting in which the events take place.

The setting becomes known as an American country in the South. The reason to how the reader is sentient that it is a southern country is because of its consistent references to agriculture. Throughout the extract there are many occasions in which the reader can make reference to the setting such as the barn, ponies and slaughter yards.

Hence, all indicating that the events take place in a rural setting. The extract consists of more than one character each having adequate descriptions, however the chief protagonist within this extract is Abigail.

Not only has she suffered from such a calamity, but has also lost her barn and home in a fire. Abigail makes it quite clear to the reader that she had followed his orders, even if it was to attend some tea party. At the beginning of the extract we see Abigail as an inferior character to her husband, one that has no say in anything.

However, as the tension builds we see a shift in the personality of the protagonist to one who obeys and follows orders from others to one who sets the rules. Thus, our view towards the protagonist changes along with the extract. The sudden change in the character of Abigail appears a shock, however adds to the suspense of the extract.

The keepers of the house essay

This can be because she was a woman, her thoughts and ideas did not matter, her inferiority in society disabled her from expressing her opinions. We become aware of the status of women, or even more so Abigail in this case in which Mrs.

Holloway asks if she had recognized who had started the fire. As the reader follows on with the extract the change in the lifestyle of the chief protagonist is clearly expressed from a woman who obeys the every command of her husband to that of woman who stands independently expressing her thoughts and insight to certain issues.

Another character in which there is sufficient description is Mrs. The reader is first introduced to this character when she confronts Abigail at the front door. Later we become aware that she is the grandmother of the chief protagonist.

Holloway appears to be those people who are always engaged in conversations even if there is no point to the specific conversation. There is a vivid description given of Mrs.

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The tone of this extract is one that does not remain constant throughout the prose. However, it varies from the beginning of the extract to the end.

At the beginning of the prose there is a sense of happiness where there are references made to sweet smells which represent fruitcakes and pink gladioli. Laughter is also used to depict the happiness in a way that brings out an atmosphere full with joy and laughter.

Then this is followed by a conversation stopper which changes the tone from that of contentment to something that appears to be significant. Grau contrasts the sound to that of tinkling glass.The Keepers of the House There is an interesting part of history that goes unnoticed.

The treatment of blacks in the South during the time of slavery plays an intricate part of America’s history, which gets frequently overlooked. The Keepers of the House Summary SuperSummary, a modern alternative to SparkNotes and CliffsNotes, offers high-quality study guides that feature detailed chapter summaries and analysis of major themes, characters, quotes, and essay topics.

The Keepers of the House is a compelling narrative about three generations of the Howland family and their relationships to their house and community.

The story exists on several levels. On one. The Keepers of the House, however, should be the breakthrough. It is a major novel in which the brushfires of racial and blood bitterness darken the delta landscape and give a direction and dimension the earlier books lacked.

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