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Courses The Psychology major offers students an opportunity to explore the forces that shape human behavior and thought. In addition to completing the psychology core requirements, students take upper level courses in one of four concentrations and complete either an internship or senior thesis. This degree program provides outstanding preparation for working in a mental health profession; advocating for children, youth and families; or matriculating into graduate school programs designed to produce counselors, psychologists, or psychiatrists.

Thesis concordia

Particular emphasis is placed on the human being as a representative organism illustrating fundamental features of life. Not recommended for students who have successfully completed high school biology. Emphasis in this course is on the chemistry of living organisms and a detailed study of the structure and function of life at the cellular level.

This course includes an introduction to cellular energy metabolism aerobic respiration and photosynthesis genetics, molecular biology and topics in biotechnology. MTH or equivalent math evaluation scorecompletion of one year of high school biology and one year of high school chemistry required.

Topics may Thesis concordia ornithology, ecological communities, animal behavior, nature photography, ecosystems of Pacific Northwest, or other areas of interest. Includes prosection of the human cadaver. First of a two-course semester sequence.

Course material emphasizes homeostatic mechanisms at the biochemical, cellular, organ, and system levels. Laboratory sessions emphasize aseptic technique and the metabolic requirements of microorganisms. In addition, students are introduced to the latest technological approaches to identifying pathogens.

Upper division credit will require greater participation. An opportunity to explore new ideas with faculty and fellow students. Both classical Mendelian and molecular genetics are covered.

Topics include the genetic regulation of development and differentiation of multicellular organisms, from single celled zygotes to the adult. Topics will include the anatomy of the immune system, the role and function of T and B cells, MHC restriction and antigen presentation, the structure and genetics of antibody and T cell receptor molecules and regulation of immune responses.

Applications of immunology to infectious disease and cancer as well as clinical syndromes resulting from loss of immune function will also be discussed. Course material includes anatomical terminology, histology, and organ systems including the skeletal, muscular, integumentary, nervous systems.

Includes dissection of the human cadaver by all participants. Emphasis is placed on homeostatic mechanisms at the biochemical, cellular, organ, and system levels. The topics and locations vary from term to term, with the typical length of the course ranging from 8 to 15 days.

Students learn field techniques and perform field observations on biodiversity, ecology, and conservation while hiking, snorkeling, driving and boating on location. The topic and locations of the field course will vary from term to term, with the typical length of the course ranging from 7 to 14 days.

It includes participation in field observations and sampling, hiking, snorkeling, or other activities as appropriate. Techniques of proper field notation and sampling will be taught. Experimental course option varies by term.

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Please see academic department for course description. An introduction to some of the basic field biological techniques in the laboratory portion of the course. Upper division standing and Instructor Permission.

An introduction to zoological dissection, and field ecological techniques in the laboratory portion of the course. Analysis of the creationist-evolutionist controversy. Students will be involved in observational and experimental procedures in the field, and will be expected to participate in background reading assignments as well as develop a paper that reflects on their experience.

Topics may include ornithology, ecological communities, the ecology of Mt.

Thesis concordia

Helens, or other areas of interest. Special emphasis on the tools of molecular biology, including recombinant DNA technology. Includes research planning, background reading, experimental laboratory work, and a concluding report. May be taken up to two times for credit. Sophomore status and instructor permission.

The product of this course will be a thesis proposal. Thesis students are guided through the initial components of the thesis, including literature review and experimental or project design, obtain approval from Concordia's Institutional Review Board IRB to proceed with the proposed research or project, and begin to implement the research or project.

Thesis students are guided through the final components of the thesis, including the research or project itself, data gathering and analysis, and writing and defense of the thesis.This thesis finds that until very recently, transportation policies focused on improvements of road infrastructure expansion; only in the last few years has the sustainability of transport been considered in government plans and reports.

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Thesis defence concordia for students to help in university Comparison, contrast, definition, and description), mental process can be analysed into its constituent parts or composition of a teaching sequence mentioned in chapter 1 babies (maternal and concordia thesis defence child health and general production working methods of .

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CUW’s MS in Student Personnel Administration in Higher Education prepares school administrators to bring a faith-based approach to their positions as assistant deans and deans in admission, resident life, student activities, academic advising, diversity and campus ministry.

Thesis concordia

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