Weimar experience and maintaining democracy

Alexis Carrelof the Rockefeller Institute, stated: Scientific Monthly, July,

Weimar experience and maintaining democracy

And it is best to distinguish JP the phenomenon from JP the person, because from I can tell, they are indeed quite different and distinct.

The Jordan Peterson phenomenon is mainly caused by our failure to take the pain of men, especially young men, seriously. Men, especially white men, today are dealing with an impossible series of challenges.

There are few satisfying roles for them in society anymore. Men are blamed for creating and sustaining a system that is shortening their own lifespans, and one that men feel is increasingly stacked against them for example, child support and visitation rights. Men quickly find that their natural interests do not overlap with what society wants or needs anymore, and their inclinations are seen as inherently boorish and cruel.

They find that the traits that make them desirable as workers make them undesirable as romantic partners. They find video games and pot more satisfying than working in a dead-end job where you are treated like a virtual serf.

Peterson understands this phenomenon. He understands that men, in general, are less agreeable than women, and that they have different cognitive styles.

Weimar experience and maintaining democracy

He knows this from his psychological studies. He also knows that men, especially young men, have been abandoned by society that has no use for many of them and are feeling hopeless and adrift. This quote from James Howard Kunstler describes the situation pretty well: And that incudes role models who offer examples of behavior that will allow them to thrive rather than to be defeated by life.

They need a certain amount of discipline in order to fulfill the behavior that those role models show them, and they need some aspiration, some ability to aspire to the products or the results of leading what we might call a good life.

And a lot of those things are missing, especially in these unfortunately sort-of disenfranchised, throw-away, forgotten, lower middle classes that we have in America.

Granted, a lot of these companies were paternalistic, but as part of that paternalism they sponsored a lot of institutional activities for people. You know, they had baseball teams, they had outings, [and] they paid these people enough to live decently, and these people produced children who aspired to do better.

And they were able to do better. And all of this stuff has dissolved.

How and why was the Weimar Republic created in 1918?

We have eliminated most of the public gathering places in small town America. That having relationships with made-up people on TV is the same as having relationships with people who are really in your life.

Well, so then what do you expect? That means masculinity is going to become weak. Especially if the symbol is also denigrated, which it definitly is.

Weimar experience and maintaining democracy

I like the masculine spirit. And its not fundamentally carnage and pillaging. Its not fundamentally rape culture.

To me, the most tragic thing about the JP phenomenon is the fact that, in my not-so-humble-opinion, the destruction of white males is caused primarily by our economic system of globalized financial casino capitalism which seeks no other goal than to maximize profit for a small international investors class, consequences to the health of society be damned.

But instead of taking a critical look at that system, Peterson places the blame, and the responsibility for solving it, squarely on the shoulders of the individual.

I think this is not only self-defeating, but it is actually harmful. Numerous studies have shown that in countries where individuals blame wider economic forces for their unemployment, rather than their own personal fortitude, there is less self-hatred and self-harm.

American Dream breeds shame and blame for job seekers BBC Peterson not only does not wish to look at these forces, but is a staunch defender of libertarian market values. Not only is there no class war, declares Peterson, but even thinking in class terms makes you a Marxist!


One could hardly think of a better way to kneecap a genuine Leftist movement than unleashing the divisive identity politics seen on college campuses. We know that, by definition, the men suffering the most in America today are those without college degrees.

Life spans are actually declining for men and women without degrees. This means that, by definition, the people suffering the most in our society have no idea what is really going on on college campuses! In my opinion, this is entirely a media-manufactured phenomenon. Keeping people informed is less important than profits.

Consider that it is at the core of the Marxist project for workers to set aside superficial differences such as race, gender and nationality, and recognize their class role as the main reason they are exploited.

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The social justice warriors clearly do not want that. Liberals would be satisfied with a world in which exploitation and wealth were evenly distributed across demographic groups. We want no exploitation of anyone. You know who does?Arguments. Throughout this section (Germany - Weimar), we have been assessing how successful the Weimar Republic was.

It was beset by problems in the early years, but the stability and prosperity. The chapter titled "Authority between Democracy and Dictatorship" is perhaps the volume's most compelling contribution, as McElligott discusses the Weimar constitution's inadequacies (or rather, the perception of such by contemporaries) and the widespread appeal during periods of acute crisis (, ) of dictatorship as a remedy for the Author: Anthony McElligott.

Education in the 20th century Social and historical background. International wars, together with an intensification of internal stresses and conflicts among social, racial, and ideological groups, characterized the 20th century and had profound effects on education. The Blog of Scott Aaronson If you take just one piece of information from this blog: Quantum computers would not solve hard search problems instantaneously by simply trying all the possible solutions at once.

Democracy Sven Eliaeson as the cultural hero who might have saved Germany from the dis­ asters of the Weimar Republic, had he only lived longer; as a typical representative of the unawareness among German intellectuals of the dangers of authoritarian rule as a means to national unity and to maintaining har­.

Nazi Germany - Wikipedia Mark Lilla, professor of Humanities at Columbia University, became an influential voice in the ensuing debate. This is where the Weimar Republic comes in.
The Fate of Social Democracy Is Being Decided in Germany – Foreign Policy But the theory of government remained an overarching theoretical concept in continental Europe right to the end of the nineteenth century e. The sciences concerned with the state have been differentiated and specialized.

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