Wr 121 essay 1

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Wr 121 essay 1

Rise and Decline in Wealth In the article, "The Rich are Getting Richer and the Poor Poorer" by Reich, he speaks a lot about the concept of outsourcing and how its effected our economy.

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He talks about how outsourcing jobs, even though it is cheaper for the companies, takes away American jobs for those on the bottom tier of the labor market. He argues because of this phenomenon of outsourcing jobs abroad along with the conversion of easily to replicate jobs being converted to machines that the lower skilled workers are having to accept less to work.

The ability of companies to ship jobs overseas and convert others into a fixed cost via a machine as led to the decline of the lower class. Overall I agree with Reich because I feel like the rich are in control while those on the bottom are simply taking what is made available to them, job wise at least.

Wr 121 essay 1

In an expanding economy it is only logical to me that the people at the top of the companies would make marginally more than those on the lower class because they are the owners. To me it also makes sense that while that is occurring, that being that the people at the top continue to make more while the people on the bottom continue to make less, that the separation between the bottom and the top would only grow larger.

I'm also fairly certain that the job of CEO won't be outsourced or wont be replaced by a robot.Sports journalists and bloggers covering NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MMA, college football and basketball, NASCAR, fantasy sports and more.

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Wr 121 essay 1

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